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 Some Books I've Illustrated


   Crazy Day at the Zoo by Leanne Hallam,

 published by Running Hare Press.

  This is a really fun book for children, Leanne came up with some great rhymes, which made it easy to do the pictures to. We had tap-dancing llamas, skating spiders,even meercats on scooters.


 Paws Under the Table by Helen Peacocke and  her dog Pythius. This is a great book for any body who enjoys good food, drink and then a super walk to stretch your legs . . . whether you have two or four!! Pythius gives the low down on the pubs from a dog's point of view, are they generous with the gravy bones? Important issues for canine friends. He also rates the walk for fun (dirty streams!) and boring bits(on his lead) You can even enjoy the walk from the depths of your couch if you aren't very active, as Helen's discriptions make you feel you're there.


Paws for History by Helen Peacocke and Pythius. More pubs, more walks but lots of interesting history linked with the places we visit. Pythius enjoys all the history under the earth, he gets a sense of it through his nose.

 Helen unearths all sorts of fascinating historical facts, makes you want to discover  more about our beautiful country.


Paws Along the Way by Helen Peacocke and Pythius ...the latest book is HOT OFF THE PRESSES!  Copies should be in the shops in early June. Again Helen and Pythius take in some wonderful country walks, this time along the ancient ways which criss-cross Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds. Though they share the same walk, their view of it is often very different! Helen isn't quite so keen on the smelly brooks that Pythius adores.

If you can't wait for the new book to come out, you can follow Helen and Pythius on their walks by reading Helen's blog, at